Scrum Gathering China 2016

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Founded in 2001, Scrum Alliance® is the largest, most established and influential professional membership and certification organization in the Agile community. We are a nonprofit association with more than 450,000 certified practitioners worldwide.
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Odd-e is a small company based in Asia with a passion about building products better. We help our customers improve their product development and currently focus a lot on Agile/Scrum development practices as they provide a huge potential for improvement.
We look at our company as a product to improve in itself and try to create the best possible work environment for good people to be creative and productive. We’re structured around self-managing teams and do not have any specialized management roles. Instead each team in each location organizes their own work as independent as possible and uses the rest of the organization as a resource for learning and improving.
We believe strongly in adding value to the community and that will improve product development everywhere. We value continuously learning and learning by sharing. We published books, speak in various conferences and maintain online blogs.
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ShineScrum, co-founded by the original co-creators of Scrum Jeff Sutherland, the world’s first CSP Jens Østergaard, and the senior Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) with overseas background Jim Wang, is pioneering Agile and a global leading organization focused on Agile and Scrum of professional training advisory, coaching, and community involvement in China.
We specialize in CSM/CSPO certification training, and provide Scrum Agile Software Development Management, Agile Leadership Transition, Kanban and Lean, Continuous Integration, Unit Testing and Refactoring, TDD/ATDD and other training courses and Agile consulting services.
At ShineScrum, we believe that the principles and values of Agile could change a person, a business, or even the entire business world. We are committed to provide the best service and offerings on Agile/Scrum in China.
UPerform is one of the pioneers and leaders in promoting Agile and Scrum in China and surrounding areas. With great passion and firm belief, we carry the vision to become the Performance Partner and Change Agent of our client organizations and their individual contributors, through effective training, coaching and competence development services. We are helping clients develop effective innovative product development and delivery Eco-system, with agile competence and hyper performance teams that create optimized and high value impact continuously.
A consulting and training company in China, we offer Scrum Training , Agile Training, Scrum/Agile Coaching, we are also running the first and the biggest Chinese Scrum and Agile community.
Our services include customized Scrum and Agile training, Certified Scrum Training, Agile coaching and consulting. And,we also provide a free agile tool Leangoo.
CA Technologies总部位于美国,是全球最大的独立系统软件厂商之一。我们认为,在当今这个“应用经济”的时代,软件已经改变了企业业务的面貌,甚至每个公司都是软件公司。在这样的背景下,CA Technologies致力于用软件的力量推动企业业务的变革,助力企业把握“应用经济”的先机,在“软件定义一切”的新时代走向成功。
CA Technologies致力于开发驱动企业创新变革的软件,帮助他们牢牢把握应用经济时代的机遇。从规划到开发运营,再到安全以及系统管理,我们的解决方案为技术创新注入强大的动力,帮助各个领域的企业获得竞争优势。在协助企业持续提升整体生产力的同时,还为企业提供差异化的用户体验,从而打开新的增长机遇。此外,我们还能在移动、私有云与公有云、分布式系统和大型机等多种环境中为客户带来跨平台的增值服务。作为企业IT变革不可或缺的合作伙伴,CA正不懈努力,与全球企业协作共进,让人们生活、交易和沟通的方式发生翻天覆地的变化。